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Sorry I have been neglecting my blog this week.

We’ve all had a bad cold and didn’t have the energy to do anything!

But last week James went to Billingsgate fish market in London for a course for his work. He’s a fishmonger! He stayed over night at a hotel so he could be up at 4.30am (impossible for me). but he enjoyed it so I’d thought I’d put a couple of pics on here that he took.


It was also Liam’s 5th birthday. I waas going through some photos to make a collage and realised I can’t remember most of the photos 😦

Anyway, I took Liam to Shorne Country Park in Kent with a friend and her little girl for a walk, play and picnic. It was a little cold when we got there but it soon brightened up and were able to enjoy a bit of sun!


Liam enjoyed his birthday and we’re off to Toys’r’us soon to spend some of birthday money!

Charlotte x

Disclaimer – all views are my own.

My Skin Savers


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I have a big problem with acne and oily skin so trying to find something that helps this as much as it can is hard. And it seems the only brands that mostly help are The Body Shop and Witch.



I started using The Body Shop first a few years ago with the tree tea range then I moved onto the seaweed range. Right now I use the Seaweed clarifying toner, it’s light and feel that I don’t need to use a lot so a normal sized 200ml bottle lasts me a long time. And my two recent finds are the Seaweed purifying facial cleanser, I’ve only just started using it but so far so good. I just massage some onto my face, you don’t need a lot then with a couple of cotton pads wipe it off gently. It doesn’t make your face sticky or heavy and has so far helped with my oily face.


And the Camomile cleansing butter. I don’t use this often at the moment just because I haven’t used this range before but it does make your skin feel clean and soft. I leave it on for a couple of minutes before washing it off otherwise I think it hasn’t done it’s work probably.


Moving on to the Witch range. I use their mattifying moisturiser SPF15 in the mornings. I don’t feel that it gives me 24 hour hydration like it’s meant to but it still works for me for most of the day.

Every girl should have a BB cream and mine is the Witch anti-blemish beauty balm with SPF 12. The colour is nice and matches well with my pale skin. I think it only comes in one colour as far as I can see. I have used The Body Shop BB cream as well but I found that to heavy for me.

An update on my polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). I had a second appointment with a gynecologist last week, my blood tests are clear so I’m now waiting for a scan appointment to come through in the next 6 weeks hopefully.

The Body Shop is available online here and in stores. Witch is available in Boots and Superdrug and some supermarkets.


Hope this helps someone else!

Charlotte x


Disclaimer – All products and views are my own. 


World Book Day


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I’m not the most creative person in the world so for World Book Day I was hoping that I could just buy an outfit for Liam ( lazy I know) so I went to Asda on Wednesday and they had already taken their outfits away! Panic set through but luckily I managed to find a monkey onesie in Primark for £5. Bargain. Plus Liam loves to be a monkey!


The book he took was ‘Stanley’s Stick by John Hegley illustrated by Neal Layton. It isn’t actually about monkeys but it does have a monkey in it, that’s my reasoning anyway.


Having a look around the school there were some really good ones, Harry Potter, Captain Jack, Where’s Wally and lot’s of Princesses.

Yesterday James and I went to Bluewater and went into the new Victoria’s Secret store. It was amazing. The flooring was sparkling purple, the whole store was like a French boudoir but very classy, the staff were super friendly and didn’t make you feel like you shouldn’t be there.

The colors in there were amazing, I tried a few bra’s on in there and even though they are quite pricey they do feel like good quality and I will defiantly be buying a few things on payday.

Charlotte x

Pancake Day!



How was everyone’s pancake day yesterday?

We had our’s for pudding. My lovely husband makes them every year for us and he wants to be in my blogs more so here you are James xx


liam pancakenday

Liam and I had our’s with strawberries and blueberries and a bit of sugar. James had his with lemon and sugar.


Charlotte xx

Birthday Celebrations, Kind Of?

The thing about my birthday is that I only get one every four years. Yes I’m born on a leap year so this year I didn’t actually have a birthday but I got very spoilt by all my friends and family still so I thought I’s share some of my things with you.

bday present

My thing at the moment are owls! I always go through different themes, I think last year it was elephants and a time before that polar bears!

So I especially loved my owls bits. The necklace and earring set are from New Look but I can’t find them on the website. And I always got ‘A girl Called Jack by Jack Monroe recipe book. I admit I’ve never heard of Jack before but I’m a sucker for easy but healthy recipes and looking for this book Jack defiantly caters for this and I will be making some of these recipes soon. I’ll let you know how it goes! Jack also has a blog here and her book is available to buy on there too.

And my last thing are a new pair of Accessorize jeweled flip flops. I already have about 10 of these that I’ve collected throughout the years but they are the best kind of flip flop out there for me. I only like the woven sea grass effect, I find them much more comfy to wear and I can wear them with anything I want. And I have a little thing for a bit of bling. Can’t wait for the hot weather!

Any one else have a Leap Year birthday?

Charlotte x

Disclaimer – all items bought for me by family and friends and opinions and views are my own. 


Zoo Days


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Ever since I was little I have always been to different zoo’s or farms several times a year. And having Liam is an even better excuse to go!

We’ve already done London Zoo in January. We went to see the penguin show at ‘Penguin Beach’, we hadn’t seen this before, it was amazing to see all the penguins diving in and out the water and swimming in groups. Defiantly something to go and see.


There is also the new Tiger Territory, Gorilla Kingdom and my weird favorite the komodo dragons to visit. Also remember to visit the reptile house where Harry Potter and the philosophers Stone, the bit where the python comes through the disappearing glass was filmed and also Raja the komodo dragon had his own part in the Bond film Skyfall. Here’s the website with all prices and details of the zoo. I plan to visit their sister zoo Whipsnade this year too.

And this month (February) we went to Wingham Wildlife Park in Kent, it’s still only a little zoo that’s currently being refurbished but they always have new animals every time I go there. I go there every year and it’s getting bigger and bigger. They now have a pack of European wolves and a very cute red panda to their collection this year so far which Liam loved so we had to stay for the talk with the keeper so he could ask lot’s of questions. Website here.ImageImageImage


Sorry about lack of pictures and quality, forgot my camera so had to use my phone instead.

Charlotte x

Disclaimer – All views and pictures are my own.

Hard Half term



I don’t know about you but I find half term stressful especially this February one, you never know what the weather is going to be like and it’s mostly miserable so you can’t go out a lot.
So my half term has been mostly working, doing my first aid course so Liam has been at his childminders for that who he loves dearly and she has other kids there to play with,  he’s very social for an only child so he always looks forward to going there.
Then today the most amazing thing happened…. The sun came out! So off we went to the park on his micro scooter. These things are the best scooters EVER invented, I know they are super expensive but they are defiantly worth it in my opinion and will hopefully last a while. Find them here. Does anyone else have one?

LIam at park

Back to my first aid course that I completed earlier this week,  I actually did my first bit of first aid at work, nothing serious, only a cut finger (looked like a paper cut) but I still got to use my first aid bag. Was so excited, I’m such a geek (with a sick sense of humour). 

How was everyone else’s half terms?

Charlotte x

Disclaimer – all views and opinions on my blog are my own (or Liams)


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Red Cross First Aid


I went to a first aid training course as part of my job this week over in Essex so I’m now a first aider (Good Luck everyone). It was done by the Red Cross and I must say they are brilliant. This course was obviously tailored for my job but they have a range of different courses they do from workplace, general public and babies and children so defiantly check it out.

Only downside was getting to Essex and back again. Queuing for an hour each side and then having to pay £2 each way for the privilege. Annoy anyone else?

And I don’t know about you but watching other people drive truly shocks me sometimes, they are so close to having accidents I don’t think they realise.

Rant over and Thank you for reading.

Charlotte x

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My Sparkling New Blog!

Well, firstly welcome to my new blog, I’m very nervous about this so please bare with me.

I’m Charlotte, I’m 26 years old and I’m a leap year baby so I’m technically only 6 (makes me feel better).  I live in Gravesend, Kent (Hence the name) with my Husband James and our son who’s nearly 5.

I have recently been told that I suffer from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), explains my acne and excess hair! I will keep you informed with how my treatment goes.

I love books, I’ll read anything and everything. I’m currently reading Lee Evans autobiography, he is my favorite comedian and was a little worried reading this would destroy my image of him but it hasn’t and it’s quite a heart felt story.

Anyway I think that will do for my first post.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Charlotte xx

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